A significant share of TV viewers are using computers and mobile devices as second and third screens to access video content, according to the results of a cross-platform pilot test to be presented by Arbitron (http://www.arbitron.com) and the Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM) at the Advertising Research Foundation Audience Measurement 7.0 conference in New York.
The presentation detailed how a separately recruited panel of Arbitron Portable People Meter (PPM) participants who viewed broadcast and cable TV outlets operated by CIMM participants also accessed content on CIMM member websites and apps as well as on the leading online video sites — Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube — whether via personal computer or via web sites and associated mobile apps on Android and BlackBerry devices. Among the findings:

° 91.7% of the panelists who viewed CIMM TV/cable outlets used a second or third screen to access video sites or CIMM member sites.

° 35.5% t used all three screens — TVs, computers and Android/BlackBerry devices.

Out-of-home consumption accounted for 13% of the total time spent with CIMM TV and online video sites.

° 35% of CIMM TV/cable outlet viewers accessed online video sites “at-work.”

° Nearly three out of four of “at-work” video consumers watched on a desktop computer.

° Simultaneous usage of TV along with video sites was more limited than simultaneous usage of broadcast and cable TV along with social, search and email sites

Use of more than one video screen by PPM panelists who viewed CIMM broadcast and cable TV outlets was close to universal — 91.7%. TV + computer access to online video sites dominated two-screen use at 48.9%, while use of TV + Android/Blackberry devices represented the smallest share of two-screen users at 7.3 percent.