Wicked Audio (http://wickedheadphones.com/) has unveiled four new lines of “radical” earbuds and headphones: The Heist, Deuce, Mojo, and Evac. Each of the new headphones/earbuds are available in a variety of color choices, and are crafted with a noise isolation feature.

The US$29.99 Heist Earbuds are crafted with a dual-jack, offering users a method to listen to tunes together. They’re available in Slate/Yellow, Rust/Ivory, and Black/White.

The Deuce Earbuds come in 10 color options and a petite form (20.3 mm x 12.4 mm). They’re also packaged with three bud sizes and have the option of a vocal cord to receive calls while rocking out. The Deuce Earbuds cost $9.9 — or $14.99 with a mic.

The $24.99 Mojo Earbuds incorporate its color finish from the bud to the cord and is available in seven different shades such as red, purple, yellow and more. They also feature enhanced bass. Three bud sizes are included in the package.

The $49.99 Evac Headphones have a canvas material headband, soft ear cushions, a braided cord and a collapsible design.