Mac OS X File Recovery has introduced Battery Guru 1.0 for Mac OS X (10.5 or higher). It’s free and available from the Mac OS X File Recovery website (

Battery Guru 1.0 is a battery status utility app that sits in the Mac menu bar and displays advanced information about the current state of the device’s battery. it will monitor and present real-time information on exactly how many milliamps, a unit of electrical current, a battery is using at any given moment and display it in the menu bar, allowing users to monitor battery life and manage applications that may be draining the battery.

Battery Guru also provides a secondary function. By providing info that users don’t usually have access to, this app gives users the tools to optimize their battery life and function. It will show the current battery capacity compared to the capacity it had when it was new. It also provides information on the number of times a battery has been discharged and recharged, the date a battery was manufactured, and the exact battery temperature.