Apple plans to open flagship stores in the major Chinese cities of Chengdu and Shenzhen even as it continues to fight Proview Technology, a Chinese company over the use of the iPad trademark, reports “Reuters” (

Currently, Apple only has five stores on the mainland — three in Shanghai and two in Beijing. However, the possibility of selling iPads in Shenzhen could lead to more legal action after Roger Xie, a lawyer for Proview Technology told “Reuters” that if Apple tried to sell the popular tablets there, Proview would seek an injunction to stop them.

Apple and Proview are in a legal battle over the iPad trademark on the Chinese mainland. Two expert reports filed by Proview in October failed to comply with Hong Kong court instructions, making the evidence inadmissible in an upcoming trial between the company and Apple, according to a June ruling by Judge Justin Ko. Proview hasn’t decided whether to appeal the ruling, Chairman Sun Min said.

Last month a California judge tossed out a lawsuit in which Proview accused Apple of tricking them into selling the “iPad” name for less than it might have. Judge Mark Pierce dismissed the case, agreeing with Apple’s argument that the two parties had agreed to settle any disagreements in Hong Kong.