The folks at ATTO Technology say they’ll provide connectivity on their Thunderbolt technology-enabled Desklink devices in conjunction with Intel’s showcasing of workstations, servers, ultrabooks, and all-in-one devices with Thunderbolt ports at Computex 2012, Taipei, China, June 5-9.

Desklink devices are ATTO’s next-generation, high-performance storage and network connectivity offerings. ATTO’s Desklink devices are currently comprised of the ThunderLink and ThunderStream product lines. They incorporate Thunderbolt technology, which allows connection to computers at 10Gb/s in each direction at the same time.

The ThunderLink family allows access to Fibre Channel and SAS/SATA storage, as well as Ethernet network connectivity. This was previously unavailable for many platforms, particularly portable devices, according to Wayne Arvidson, vice president of marketing at ATTO Technology. They’re an ideal solution for environments such as video rendering and medical imaging, or where people need access to high performance storage or networks in the field, such as live sports, news or film production, medical, scientific, or oil and gas applications, he adds.

The ThunderStream line further enhances this connectivity with configurations including embedded or desktop SAS/SATA RAID Storage Controller products. They’re designed to optimize unified storage typically found in the “big data” markets. Both ThunderLink and ThunderStream are currently available for preorder at the ATTO webstore (