iCache (http://www.iCache.com), which specializes in the mobile payments industry has announced the US$199 Geode, a digital wallet for the iPhone.

The Geode uses unique biometric technology to ensure all credit, debit and loyalty card information is stored safely and securely, according to Jonathan Ramaci, founder and CEO of iCache. Only the owner can access the Geode app and its contents by using his/her unique fingerprint eliminating the risk of stolen credit cards. 

The GeoCard works everywhere consumers already shop and turns into any card with the touch of a button, says Ramaci. Since most scanning terminals cannot read barcodes from a phone screen, the Geode also has an e-ink screen for all loyalty and membership cards.

iCache’s Geode also acts as an iPhone case and is available in black/yellow, green/white, pink/white or purple/white. It includes a card reader, the GeoCard and a micro-USB cable.