Many Tricks has released version 3.0 of Desktop Curtain, their Mac OS X solution for hiding desktop clutter. The upgrade includes a new default curtain image and a revamped user interface. In addition, there are new features, including:

° A new application isolation mode that automatically keeps the curtain image behind the frontmost application’s windows.

° At any time, the frontmost window can be isolated by pressing a user-definable keyboard shortcut.

° The current desktop image can be used as the curtain image.

° Clicking on the curtain will activate Finder when the curtain is covering the Desktop.

° The curtain image is now translucent, meaning the color can be easily changed via the OS X color wheel.

° New entries on the contextual menu let users change the level at which the curtain appears — or even hide it entirely.

Desktop Curtain 3.0 is a free upgrade for owners of any previous version of the program, and retails for US$5. It’s available at the Mac App Store and from the Many Tricks web site ( A demo is available for download.