Seidio has announced the Expert Portfolio Case for the iPad 2 and new iPad. This case is the latest addition to the company’s line of tablet accessories.

The Expert is a smooth, sleek iPad case that adds very little weight or bulk to a tablet making it ideal for traveling and business, says Seido CEO says David Chang. It adds only 2.3mm to each side of the Apple tablet.

The synthetic leather is run through an eco-friendly process that doesn’t produce any volatile organic compounds, says Chang. The Expert also utilizes Clean-Grip, an advanced gripping technology, to attach and secure the iPad. 

The Expert can fold and bend, propping the iPad into two viewing angles. For example, users can watch TV shows, slideshows, or movies in the propped position, as well as type on their iPad comfortably. It also activates the iPad Cover Lock for added convenience. 

The Expert Portfolio Case comes in four flavors: Ebony, Espresso, Regal Purple and Ivory. It retails for US$54.95 and is available at or .