In a recent blog (, NPD DisplaySearch Analyst Paul Gray asks, “Will OLED Revitalize the TV Industry?” It dives into the question of whether OLED is the solution to the woes of the industry. It also begs the question of whether Apple might one day release an OLED “iTV” — assuming, of course, that Apple has any plans to release its own HDTV at all.

An OLED TV screen uses a new display technology called OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diodes). Proponents say that OLED televisions are brighter, more efficient, thinner and feature better refresh rates and contrast than either LCD or Plasma. However, Gray raises some topical points, such as while OLED has the potential to offer images with high contrast and superb colors in a very thin package, much of this can already be done with LCD technology. 

In addition, he points on that the industry may do well to learn its lesson from the 3D TV experience in that content and the consuming experience matter. Consumers’ purchasing behavior is driven by factors other than raw image quality.

Then there’s the matter of price. One of the first OLED TVs available will be LG’s 55-incher, due in July for US$8,000. At that price point, only the most discerning (and financially comfortable) film/TV buffs will be pony up for the new technology.

Assuming an iTV is coming (and I think it is), the first ones will be LED TVs, not OLEDs. An Apple HDTV will be pricier than competing products as it is (though, of course, it will be better designed, gorgeous to behold, and, hopefully, offer some revolutionary new features).

On the other hand, I do believe that, despite its slow start, 3D TV will catch on. And at some point in the future I expect to see a 3D iTV — and some 3D Macs, as well.

— Dennis Sellers