Native Instruments has introduced The Giant, a new instrument based on the world’s biggest upright piano. For use in Kontakt 5 or the free Kontakt 5 Player, The Giant features the sound of the Klavins Piano Model 370i, a super-sized instrument.

Produced by sampling expert Uli Baronowsky, the creator of the Galaxy piano series, The Giant captures the sound of the original instrument in meticulous detail, according to the folks at Native Instruments. This upright piano stands over three meters high and weighs over two tons, with a soundboard roughly twice the size of a typical nine-inch concert grand piano soundboard. \

The Giant comprises two separate instruments in one, each with its own graphical user interface and detail controls. The piano sound of the “day” version is designed for a wide range of styles and genres; the “night” version turns The Giant into a cinematic tool suited to atmospheric scores, sound design and avant-garde productions.

With Tone, Color and an XXL button, the day instrument provides three basic control sections for adding sustain, space and character to the sound. The nnight instrument includes unconventional, individually-sampled sound sources, including overtones, resonances, plucked strings, release sounds and special techniques such as piano hits, kicks, sweeps or scratches.

The Giant runs in Kontakt 5 or the free Kontakt 5 Player. It’s available now for US$119 from the NI Online Shop (