Lusso Cartella ( has expanded its line of luxury cases with a case for the 15-inch MacBook Pro 15. The handmade leather sleeves feature Artisanal leathers.

The sleeves are available in the following colors: Confidence Mocha / Suede Dark Brown; Confidence Brown / Suede Medium Brown; Confidence Black / Suede Cobalt Blue; and Confidence Black / Suede Red. Pricing starts at US$139.

“We are delighted to announce our exciting new line of MacBook Pro 15-inch cases,” says Sharon Cantwell, vice president of Marketing for Lusso Cartella. “So many of our iPad Customers requested sleeves for their MacBook Pros that we could hardly say no. Like our other product lines, the MacBook Pro series offers a wide range of both classic and fashion finishes, that is sure to delight our current customers while attracting new ones.”

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