The future for the iPad in the business environment looks great. Better yet, it apparently won’t be at the expense of the Mac.

Results from the latest CDW IT Monitor ( indicate that nearly six in 10 organizations use tablet computers. While more prevalent among medium and large-size businesses (62%), nearly half of small businesses reported tablet use (47%). A

mong government IT decision-makers, tablets were more commonly used at the state level (59%) than the federal level (48%). While the popularity of tablets has grown steadily, only 19% of IT decision-makers reported that tablets have replaced some of their organization’s personal computers. Among those not currently using tablets, 31% plan to do so in the next six months.

Nearly three-quarters of the IT decision-makers surveyed thought that the use of tablets and smartphones has led to an increase in productivity within their organization. Of those, 25% said there was a significant increase in productivity.

What’s more, half of all IT decision-makers felt that the use of tablets and smartphones has led to cost savings in their organization. Among large businesses, 64% of IT decision-makers reported that consumer technology adoption has led to cost savings. Forty-two percent believed they experienced significant cost savings.

Organizations employing tablets reported using them in a variety of ways. The most common use is for sales or sales representatives (48%), followed by replacing printed materials (36 percent) and workgroup collaboration (32%). Overall, the Apple’s iOS operating system is most preferred with 61% of IT decision-makers choosing it. The Android operating system (24% and Blackberry Tablet OS (9% followed as distant second and third preferences.

— Dennis Sellers