Altair Engineering (, a provider of simulation technology and engineering services, has released the first version of its HyperWorks computer-aided engineering software suite designed to run on Mac OS X.

The Mac version offers the same CAE capabilities and user interface as the original Windows and Linux versions of HyperWorks, but it enables users to capitalize on the Mac’s advanced memory management system, robust platform and fast, Unix-based operating system, according to Paolo Sansalvadore, senior vice president of modeling and visualization, Altair.

While Windows-based systems have some tools available that can mimic a Unix-like environment, they often come with limitations to their capabilities, especially when working with large files. HyperWorks for Mac offers more flexibility to users, who now can use their platform of choice — whether Windows, Linux or Mac OS X — for their CAE analysis, says Sansalvadore What’s more, it opens the world of CAE to a broader range of industries and professions that traditionally work with Mac systems. Contact Altair for pricing options.