In what may be a sign of the end-of-time, Brad Arkin, Adobe’s senior director of security, products and services, has applauded Apple’s move to block outdated versions of his company’s Flash Player, notes “Computerworld” (

Earlier this week Apple updated its Safari web browser, patched four vulnerabilities and instituted a new feature that pulls out-of-date copies of Flash Player from the system. Users who want to view Flash content can upgrade to the current version of the browser plug-in.

In a blog ( Arkin had this to say: “we welcome today’s initiative by Apple to encourage Mac users to stay up-to-date: With the Apple Safari 5.1.7 update released today, Apple is disabling older versions of Flash Player (specifically Flash Player and earlier) and directing users to the Flash Player Download Center, from where they can install the latest, most secure version of Flash Player. For more information, visit