GoldKey Security Corp. has announced its line of GoldKey Tokens with Built-In Flash. The new GoldKeys provide hardware-encrypted secure flash along with a built-in Smart Card and GoldKey’s enhanced two-factor authentication technology — all in a tiny form factor that measures nearly an inch long.

“GoldKey is the world’s first encrypted flash drive to support two-factor authentication using smart cards and Gold-ID in one device,” says GoldKey CEO Rog Billings.

It sports a stainless steel case and waterproof epoxy that not seals the internal circuitry water tight, but deters tampering and provides added strength, he adds. When the GoldKey with Flash is connected to a USB port, a read-only partition appears, from which the encrypted drive can be unlocked — all without installing any software. Once the encrypted partition is unlocked, it appears as a regular flash drive until it is removed, which completely locks the data.

GoldKey’s patent-pending encryption key management technology allows each GoldKey with Flash to be registered to a Master Token. If the user’s PIN is forgotten, the Master Token can be used to reset the PIN and regain access to the data. Using GoldKey’s remote management features, enterprises can register tokens and change encryption user groups used to access local encrypted files and cloud storage.

In addition, GoldKey tokens with Flash fully support Gold-ID, GoldKey’s enhanced two-factor authentication technology that provides an alternative to SecurID. Gold-ID achieves two-factor authentication without the need for OTP or certificates.

Available in 8, 16, 32, and 64 GB sizes, GoldKey with Flash supports both Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”) and Windows 7 operating systems. For more info and pricing go to .