Pariahware has released ChimeX 2.0 (, an update to its menu bar app for OS X Lion. The new version contains new art work, is now a menu bar app,  and is ready for Mountain Lion.

By default, ChimeX will chime the Westminster Chimes every quarter hour. Alternatively, you can have the computer speak the time in a chosen system voice.
Version 2.0 supports multiple voices when speaking the time.

Clicking on the ChimeX menu icon and choosing Preferences brings up the ChimeX Preferences window. Deselecting any check box will turn off the options for that quarter hour. The fourth quarter, or On the hour, option also has a Bong checkbox. Deselecting that checkbox will turn off the chime-per-hour option.

If a checkbox is selected, a popup menu and and test button become enabled. Clicking on the pop-up menu allows one to choose any voice on their system, or Chime. A unique voice for every quarter hour can be selected in one desires.

ChimeX will operate for ninety minutes at a time until it’s registered. Registration is US$10.