Ace Metrix (, which specializes in analytics for television and video advertisers, says Apple’s new ads for iPhone starring Zooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson were the most effective TV ads to break the week ending April 20, trumping two new Samsung Galaxy Note ads introduced the same week.

The ads, which achieved Ace Scores of 653 and 645, respectively, are Apple’s most effective iPhone ads so far this year, but are still out-scored by Samsung’s “The Best of Phone and Tablet” Galaxy Note ad, which broke on Feb. 22 with an Ace Score of 686 and became the Ace Metrix “Q1 Ad of the Quarter.”

“Apple’s ads for iPhone had been falling rather flat earlier in the year, all scoring below the Apple iPhone norm of 620. This new creative tack that uses likeable celebrities struck a chord with American viewers,” says Peter Daboll, CEO of Ace Metrix. “”hese ads performed very well, especially with younger women, who did not react as strongly to Apple’s more feature-focused ads from earlier in the year. Celebrity ads are risky, as many celebrities can be polarizing. In these latest ads, Apple has chosen wisely, using celebrities with broad appeal.”

Recurring words used by consumers to describe the new Apple ads included “want,” “great,” “good,” “love” and “cool. The average Ace Score for mobile phone ads is 577.