Mamiya Leaf ( has introduced the new Leaf Credo digital back. The digital camera boasts a large, high resolution (1.15 megapixel), touch screen with rendition of 16 million colors

The Leaf Credo’s dual-core microprocessor enables powerful performance for the fastest available image viewing, focusing and editing, according to the folks at Mamiya Leaf. It sports FireWire 800 and USB 3 connectivity.

The flagship of the Leaf Credo platform is a full-frame 80 MP CCD sensor with a dynamic range of 12.5 f-stops. New to Mamiya Leaf is a full frame 60 MP CCD sensor with 3:4 aspect ratio. Also available is the 40 MP CCD sensor which offers the fastest capture speed in the Leaf Credo platform at 1.2 frames per second.

Pricing for the Leaf Credo 40 starts at US$19,495. The Leaf Credo 60 is listed at $32,495, while the Leaf Credo 80 is selling for $38,995. Shipping is planned for June.