Eric Jackson, the founder and managing member of Ironfire Capital (a long/short and corporate governance-focused investment firm) thinks the rumored Apple-branded HDTV (the so-called “iTV”) will sell even faster than the iPad, reports” Forbes” (

“We live in this kind of sped up world,” Jackson says. “The user base is there for Apple. When new, complementary devices get introduced by the company, the pickup is so quick. I think iTV is going to be even faster than the iPad. It’s gonna be, potentially, a pretty phenomenal product launch next year.”

Jackson told “Forbes” that he expects Apple to release its first television during the early months of 2013. He thinks the iTV will come in one size only and be somewhere in the 40- or 50-inch range and cost between US$1,000 and $2,000, “probably closer to $2,000.”

“I think it’ll be a big seismic shift in the world of TV,” he adds. “It’s going to have ramifications to Netflix and the cable companies, so it’s going to be a pretty big event.”