Here are the latest Apple rumors from the blogosphere:

“Apple may add secure password suggestions to Safari with OS X Mountain Lion.” — “MacRumors”

“Apple may plan its thinnest smartphone yet, aiming to shave the iPhone 5 to just under 8mm through use of new display technology, that’s the latest  breakfast rumor Monday morning.” — “Computerworld” (

“We all know that Apple and its products and devices are massively using flash memory: iPhone, iPod, iPad and less extend Mac. This Flash memory consumption should further increase in 2012. Indeed, according to iSuppli Apple might need 25% of the NAND Flash production worldwide in 2012.” — “HardMac” (

“Samsung will remain the primary supplier of Retina displays for the new iPad for the foreseeable future, as Apple continues to face supply issues for the high-resolution screen.” — “AppleInsider” (