WellRedApps has introduced DropKey, a new utility for Mac OS X Lion that allows users to encrypt sensitive documents.

DropKey uses industry-standard Public-Key Cryptography to quickly encrypt files without the need for managing passwords. Using this method, the sender and recipient share public encryption keys. After that occurs, files can be encrypted by one and decrypted by the other without using passwords. While Public-Key Cryptography can use a variety of levels of security, DropKey uses the 256-bit method, a well-established industry standard, according to Ian Schray, WellRedApps co-founder and CEO.

DropKey, now available for Mac OS X Lion, can be found at the WellRedApps website (http://www.getdropkey.com). The regular price is US$29.99, but it can be purchased for $19.99 for a limited time. A free 30-day trial is available from the website.

Additionally, all direct purchases of DropKey will include a coupon for a free second license to be shared with a friend, family member or colleague. Customers who purchase DropKey from the Mac App Store can send a copy of their purchase receipt to support to receive the coupon for a free license.