Here are the latest incremental updates for Mac OS X apps.

Mugginsoft has announced KosmicTask 1.2 ( for Mac OS X, an update of the software for providing an integrated scripting environment in which to create, edit, test and deploy script-powered tasks and applets. It now has over 100 sample task-based applets.

Danholt4mac has released Calories 3 (, a new version of the health app for Mac OS X. The upgrade’s new milestone assistant helps you reach and sustain your desired weight; you can specify your goal and the timeframe within which you wish to reach.

iRise ( has rolled out version 8.10 of its iRise visual prototyping platform. The new features include the ability to create ultra-realistic visual simulations of new iPad and Android apps with the goal of speeding time to market and improving end-user experience in the increasingly competitive race to create new mobile applications.