BITS Limited, a manufacturer of green surge protectors, introduces the True Surge surge protector, which it says is “the safest surge protector on the market today.”

Unlike other surge protectors, True Surge disconnects power to all devices in the event of a surge, and will completely cut off power once the protection is lost and the surge protector is considered “dead,” says Russell Barton, president and co-founder of BITS Limited. This technology helps protect electronic devices from permanent damage and prevents surge protectors from catching on fire, he adds.

n addition to cutting the connection if the protector is blown, True Surge features a patented safety circuit and custom MOVs that are thermally coupled together for a fast reaction time. The entire circuit is cement-encased to completely prevent house fires that can occur with the current surge protector technology.  rue Surge surge protectors are the only surge protectors that can be legally daisy chained, and are the only surge protector technology to pass all UL/ETL tests in “remarkable condition,” says Barton. 

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