To fill the void in Mac Fortran programmer tools, Nocturnal Aviation Software has announced FTranProjectBuilder, its Mac-native development environment and project manager, designed to speed up and simplify Fortran code development.

Finally, programmers can develop simple or complex programs using almost any Mac Fortran compiler without resorting to cluttered cross-platform development tools or using old versions of Xcode, according to the folks at Nocturnal Aviation.
Created for scientists, engineers and students by a Mac user and Fortran programmer, FTranProjectBuilder’s single window Fortran development environment lets users edit and manage any number of project files, build executables with a single click, and run within the window’s own console view.

A built-in lab notebook lets the programmer keep track of progress and results.
FTranProjectBuilder has a built-in Fortran code editor with features like templates, syntax coloring and automatic comment formatting, plus Fortran-specific features. It provides project-wide search and allows terminal or file input. What’s more, it automatically handles Fortran module dependencies.

Designed to work with the gfortran, Intel ifort, Absoft Pro Fortran, PGI pgfortran, and g95 Fortran compilers (not included), FTranProjectBuilder automatically scans the programmer’s Mac for installed compilers and presents them in a pull-down menu. You can use a different compiler for each project or switch between compilers to compare performance in a specific project.

FTranProjectBuilder ( is available now for purchase or for a free 30-day trial. It runs on Macs with an Intel processor, Mac OS X 10.6 or higher , and at least one installed Fortran compiler. Licenses are available for US$79 for commercial and government users, $59 for academic researchers and $29 for students.