Another day, another lawsuit. Another lawsuit has been filed in regards to Siri, Apple’s voice activated “personal assistant” that debuted with the iPhone 4S.

The new suit, filed this week in a U.S. District Court by a California resident named David Jones argues that Apple oversells Siri’s abilities in advertising and TV commercials, reports the “L.A. Times” ( .The lawsuit claims using Siri isn’t that easy, seeks financial “relief and damages” for Jones and other iPhone 4S owners.

“Through its nationwide multimedia marketing campaign, Apple disseminates false and deceptive representations regarding the functionality of the Siri feature,” the suit alleges. “For example, in many of Apple’s television commercials, consumers are shown using Siri to make appointments, find restaurants, and even to learn the guitar chords to classic rock songs. In its advertisements, Apple depicts these tasks as easily accomplished ‘just by asking’ Siri.”