Here are the latest updates for Mac OS X apps.

St. Clair Software ( has updated App Tamer, its Mac utility that automatically pauses applications to improve battery life and reduce CPU usage, to version 1.2. .The new version displays CPU usage in your menubar in several ways. It also updates compatibility with Firefox 11 and resolves an issue where it could miss an application or show one twice.

Computech IT Services have launched a new version (5.0) of their BusinessMan software ( for Mac OS X and Windows. The software allows companies to manage all aspects of their business from first contact to invoice. BusinessMan 5.0 sports a new interface, the ability to integrate the comprehensive resource scheduling system with Google calendar and more.

Oranged Software ( has released Studiometry 9.1, an update to the Mac OS X compatible software for companies to organize, plan, invoice, track and create client and project data. The new version lets you assign projects reports, offers Sparrow outgoing email capabilities and provides full-calendar importing from iCa.

Troi Automatisering ( has served up Troi Serial Plug-in 3.2 for FileMaker Pro 11. It’s a maintenance update for the FileMaker Pro 11 plug-in that offers access to the computer’s serial ports.

Cocktail 5.1.5 (“Lion Edition”) is a new version of the general purpose utility for OS X that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. The upgrade ( adds a “Disable saved application states” setting and a “Do not reopen windows at login” setting.

LogMeIn ( has unveiled a new version of LogMeIn Pro, software that now gives  Mac users the ability to stream high-definition (HD) video, audio, and multimedia applications from their Macs to other Internet connected computers, iPads and iPhones. The new HD capabilities can be accessed from a browser or from the LogMeIn for iPad/iPhone app.

Avenza Systems ( has give us MAPublisher 8.7 for Adobe Illustrator. This release includes a number of enhancements to existing features, such as Grids & Graticules, and some new ones, such as the Georeferencer tool.