VeprIT has introduced Resize Sense, a batch image resizer for Mac OS X.

Featuring various resizing options, Resize Sense is designed to save the user time on repetitive tasks by supporting custom presets, and can even be used to apply multiple presets to every image simultaneously. In addition, the software allows users to manually adjust the crop individually for every image, and even straighten them.

A user performing repetitive tasks only needs to configure the resizing options once per task, and save it as a preset. It’s even possible to apply multiple resizing presets to every image. Resize Sense offers live final image preview. The user can see immediately how the the final image will look.

Resize Sense 1.0.0 requires an Intel-based Mac with OS X 10.5 or later. An evaluation version of Resize Sense (with disabled results saving) is freely available for download at the application webpage ( The current price is approximately US$12.. Resize Sense is also available on the Mac App Store.