Kanda Software has released Memory Lane for Mac OS X 10.7and higher. It’s a free download at the Mac App Store.

Memory Lane is a stand-alone companion application that pulls notes content from Evernote and third party notebooks and presents it as a continuous walk down the Memory Lane on the users’ screens. Evernote is designed to help its users remember anything and everything that happens in their lives.

Memory Lane works with Evernote to present all varieties of notes and reminders.
It reads user-selected notebooks and presents its contents as a scrolling slideshow as wallpaper, screen saver, or in a resizeable window in an interactive mode.

Memory Lane pulls text notes, photos, web pages, to-dos and shopping lists, and PDFs, and represents them insnippets back to the user. The software is automatically updated whenever the user’s Evernote account is updated so the contents are always up-to-date.