Intel says that optical cables for Thunderbolt ports that enable faster data transfers over longer distances on computers will be available later this year. The Mac is the main computer platform currently supporting the technology, which was co-developed by Intel and Apple.

What’s more, Intel is working to boost data transfer speeds with a faster pipe on Thunderbolt, according to “PCWorld” ( Currently running at 10Gbps, Thunderbolt technology can transfer a full-length HD movie in less than 30 seconds, according to Mooly Eden, general manager, PC Client Group, Intel, which co-developed the technology with Apple. The vision for Thunderbolt technology (formerly codenamed “Light Peak”) is to move media faster, simplify connections between devices, and foster new and exciting ways to build and use computers, says Eden.

Intel plans to support the PCI-Express 3.0 protocol to shuttle data faster between host devices and peripherals, an Intel spokesman told “PC World” in an email. Computers with Thunderbolt interconnect currently communicate with external devices using the older PCI-Express 2.0 technology. The company will incorporate PCI-Express 3.0 in Thunderbolt, but didn’t provide a time frame for when it will be accomplished, notes “PCWorld.”