The Bank of China Ltd. and several other creditors of Proview Technology Shenzhen say the “iPad” trademarks belong to them and not to Proview, potentially complicating a fight over the trademark between Proview and Apple, notes “The Wall Street Journal” (

Major creditors of Proview Electronics, which is challenging Apple’s use of the iPad trademark, has moved to have the ailing computer monitor maker liquidated, reports the “Associated Press” ( The article says Taiwan-based Fubon Insurance is seeking US$8.68 million in debts and has filed an application to have Proview declared bankrupt, per reports by the Xinhua News Agency and other mainland media. Proview’s mainland Chinese subsidiary is based in the southern export zone of Shenzhen, where an official at the city’s Intermediate Court said he expected an announcement regarding the case soon.

Last week Proview launched an attack on Apple in the U.S., filing a lawsuit in California that accuses it of employing deception when it bought the trademark. The legal brouhaha has gone international. For more info go to .