Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac has been updated to provide experimental support for Windows 8 Consumer Preview, including simple download and automatic installation of Windows 8 via the Parallels New Virtual Machine Wizard.  

The update also adds experimental support for OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview as both a host and guest.  Now Mac enthusiasts and developers alike can safely try Windows 8 Consumer Preview and OS X Mountain Lion in Parallels Desktop 7 virtual machines to protect their Mac from potential mishaps or corruption of important files that can occur with preview versions of software, says Parallels CEO Birger Steen.

Additionally, Parallels Mobile users can remotely access and control their Mac as well as its Windows 8 and OS X Mountain Lion virtual machines, applications and files, via their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. A free trial of the No. 1-selling Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac software is available for download at   Current Parallels Desktop 7 users can get the update by selecting the Parallels Desktop menu and clicking Check for Updates. 
Parallels allows you to get and automatically install the free Windows 8 Consumer Preview by going to the Parallels Desktop menu and selecting File, New and Windows 8 Consumer Preview in the Parallels New Virtual Machine Wizard. In just a few clicks, Parallels Desktop 7 automatically downloads and installs Windows 8 Consumer Preview (English, German, French, Japanese or Chinese simplified) in a new virtual machine so you can discover and play with the dramatically redesigned Windows operating system and use your Mac OS X applications and files at the same time – without rebooting. 
Microsoft recommends that users don’t install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on their primary machine, given that is not a final version and could crash, causing the loss or corruption of important files. If Windows 8 crashes or corrupts files when it is running in a Parallels Desktop 7, you can simply delete the Windows 8 virtual machine and start over without any damage to your Mac.