Code by Kevin has released NameFind 6.0, a fast file-search tool that is an alternative to Spotlight on Mac OS X (10.7 and higher). Of special note: the software has been withdrawn from the Mac App Store because of the forthcoming sandboxing requirements in OS X.  It will be available exclusively from the the Code by Kevin website for US$9.99.

NameFind is designed to be an alternative to the Mac’s built-in Spotlight search technology. It uses a different file search algorithm to find files, either on your entire hard drive or in a specific directory.

“In some cases, an application simply cannot function within the sandbox–its functionality requires access to a wider range of system resources than the sandbox allows. NameFind, an application that quickly searches your entire hard drive to find files matching a specific name, is such an application,” says Kevin Walzer, lead developer of Code by Kevin. “If an application’s core function cannot work in the sandbox, that makes sandboxing the application impossible. Hence, my decision to remove NameFind from the App Store and sell it solely from my website.”

Version 6 offers support for Growl 1.3 and the “Gatekeeper” security feature in the forthcoming Mac OS 10.8 (“Mountain Lion”). There are also assorted bug fixes. A 30-day demo is available for download.