Grace Digital ( has unveiled the submersible, waterproof and shock resistant Eco Terra Boombox for your smartphone or MP3 player.

It’s IPX7 waterproof tested and approved, equipping your music with true 100% waterproof protection from rainstorms, ocean waves, pool parties or kayaking trips down the river, according to Grace Digital Audio CEO Greg Fadul. Eco Terra also floats, safeguarding your music player against a dip in the pool or a fall off the boat.

The internal waterproof casing houses your music player or smartphone, as well as some extra cash, credit cards, car key or driver’s license. The outside poly-carbonate shell with rubberized impact bumpers, fortifies your device and the boombox’s two three-inch, full-range forward firing speakers. Fully submersible, the Eco Terra also floats. When dropped into water the case will always rotate to point the speakers up, so there is no unwanted interruption while enjoying your tunes. (Not that we’d advise submerging your iPhone.)

The Eco Terra comes with a shoulder strap and multiple carabiner clips for attaching to a kayak, boat, tent, or even hanging from a tree. It’s equipped with an air pressure release valve that keeps the case water tight. The Eco Terra is also outfitted with an IPX7 approved waterproof headphone jack.