VRSonic has released flagship 3D sound design software, VibeStationLE, on Apple’s Mac App Store. It requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher and costs US$79.99/

VibeStationLE is designed for sound designers, musicians, DJs, as well as virtual environment developers who need to create 3D and surround sound content for their projects. With its 3D sound canvas users can create dynamic sound environments simply by dragging objects onto the scene.

These can be audio sources from sound files and mic or line inputs, room geometry that creates physically based reverb and occlusion effects, as well as path motion animation. Designers can control every aspect of how the sound is rendered by manipulating a set of parameters for each object.

VibeStationLE is completely interactive so designers can audition their scene as they’re editing it. For live applications, VibeStationLE provides an Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol that allows users to control every aspect of the audio scene by sending OSC messages to the application. OSC clients can be on the same computer or an external control surface such as the iPad.