Here are the latest updates for Mac OS X apps.

Maintain ( has announced Cocktail 4.9.8 (Snow Leopard Edition), the latest maintenance update of Cocktail for users running Mac OS X 10.6. Cocktail is an US$19 general purpose utility for OS X that lets you clean, repair and optimize your Mac. Version 4.9.8 adds compatibility with the latest versions of supported web browsers and addresses several issues identified in the previous release.

MaBaSoft ( has released Currency Assistant 3.1.6, an update to their currency converter for Mac OS X. The upgrade introduces a new icon and some minor improvements and interface revisions. Currency Assistant is now 50% off and available for $8.95 for new users or $4.95 for registered users. Version 3.1.6 is a free update for registered users of version 3.x.

Tangerine Element has introduced SleepMute 1.1, an update to the automatic sound muting utility for Mac OS X. The $0.99 app– available at the Mac App Store — automatically mutes a Mac’s sound when the display sleeps, computer sleeps, or screensaver starts. Version 1.1 introduces: iTunes pausing and playing on mute and unmute respectively; the ability to override all other settings to not mute if iTunes is playing; and muting on computer restart and shutdown to silence the Mac startup sound.

GroupLogic ( has unveiled version 3.5 of its Mobile File Management (MFM) software, mobilEcho. The new version is designed to make it easier for both end users and enterprise IT to simply access and manage secure mobile file access on a variety of mobile devices, such as iPad and iPhone, with key upgrades like two-way sync and even more security controls.

Fidelity Media ( has served up MegaSeg 5.8 DJ and Pro Editions. The free update for MegaSeg 5 users delivers over 120 improvements in all areas of the app, including new MIDI presets for the VMS2 and VMS4 controllers from American Audio, better cover art support, sharper text and interface refinements, bottom pinned info popups, smoother Wave Mixer cueing and scratching, fader-independent Automatic Gain Control, faster iTunes playlist access, expanded drag-n-drop support, lower latency mic play-thru, as well as various improvements to Events, Scheduler, Hot Keys, Request List, Rules, Library Tools, Video, Streaming, Logging, Syncing, and a revised User’s Guide.

EditShare (, which specializes in shared media storage and end-to-end tapeless workflow solutions, says its collaborative storage products – XStream, Energy and Metro – now provide complete compatibility with Avid Technology’s new 64-bit systems, Media Composer and Symphony 6.0 as well as NewsCutter 10.0.