Paradigma Software has announced the Valentina 5 generation of business data management and database products, include free database management and free server products for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Valentina Studio 5 lets you manage, query and administrate SQLite, Valentina DB and newly added support for Postgre databases — features that were previously included in the US$99 Valentina Studio Admin — now for free. Valentina Studio Pro 5 features include a query builder, new SQL DIFF, new team diagramming system and an enhanced visual Reports Designer.

Reports generated directly from Valentina Studio Pro 5 can be exported as images, web pages and PDF. Reports project files can be used with the Valentina Server 5 platform and Valentina Reports ADK (supporting SQLite, Valentina DB and Postgre).

Valentina 5 DB technology now features journaling for more robust management and recovery, industry standard sequences support, ENUM types, and an vastly
expanded API [application programming interface], according to the folks at Paradigma. Valentina Server 5 for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux includes the advanced Valentina DB object-relational database kernel and an enterprise class Reports Server with support for open source web application languages.

The community supported version of Valentina Server is free under a “very liberal” license. It’s also possible to natively access Valentina Server data from applications made with every major development environment on Mac OS X, Linux and Windows, and also from Objective-C written applications for the iPhone/iPad. iValentina for iPhone and iPad are also free administrative clients available through iTunes, for monitoring, querying and managing Valentina Server remotely.

Professional developers can deploy customizable versions of Valentina Server through the Valentina Developer Network program, including royalty free deployment options. New with Valentina 5, VDN developers gain full access to Reports Server, SSL and Bonjour / Zero-Config features at no additional cost.

Valentina Reports 5 ADK integrates rich business reports into applications built with every major development platform on Mac OS X, Linux or Windows.

All Valentina products include 12 months of free updates. Valentina 5 products will be available for download within the next 30 days through the
Paradigma Software website (