NewMacgadgets has introduced the PAD-Lock, its new security kit designed exclusively for the iPad 2. It’s available now ( for US$49.99

Constructed from lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum security brackets that attach to the outer diagonal corners, the PAD-Lock is engineered to allow full motion of the iPad while minimizing any additional weight. The power cable and coated steel wire security cable route underneath the iPad and out the back to provide a clean look, according to the folks at newMacgadgets.

The security brackets attach below the iPad and create a base to raise the Apple tablet one inch off the desktop. The PAD-Lock secures to any fixed object with a seven-foot black steel wire cable and 25 mm brass padlock. A universal mount is also included to provide an anchor point if a fixed object isn’t available. Included rubber pads create a soft cushion between the aluminum brackets and iPad surface to prevent scratching.

The PAD-Lock is ideal for all open environments where security is a concern. Businesses and organizations that use the iPad as a presentation tool will want to use the PAD-Lock to secure their valuable investment. The PAD-Lock retails for $49.95 (USD) and is available directly from newMacgadgets.