Call it the never-ending story. Apple has sued Samsung in Mannheim, Germany, over a patent on which a Munich court denied a preliminary injunction last week, according to “FOSS Patents” (

What’s more, Apple has brought another U.S. lawsuit against Samsung in the Northern District of California, with a simultaneous motion for a preliminary injunction, the article adds.

On feb. 1, a German court refused Apple’s request to ban Samsung’s altered Galaxy Tab 10.1N, reasoning that the tablet had been altered enough to skirt Germany’s unfair competition law. That decision came a day after a Dusseldorf appeals court upheld Apple’s request to ban sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, the predecessor model. Samsung began selling the Galaxy Tab 10.1N, a revised version, in Germany to get around the ban.

A lower Dusseldorf court is scheduled to rule next week on a separate case Apple filed over the Galaxy 10.1N, the article adds. In January Samsung lost two patent rulings against Apple in a Mannheim court.