Noise Industries welcomes the latest collection of Luca Visual FX plug-ins to FxFactory 3.

The Grunge Collection features four new visual effects tools: Grunge Effects, Film Leaders, Sprocket Slip, and Light Leaks. The family of tools are compatible with Final Cut Pro, Motion, and After Effects. The Grunge Collection includes the following four products:

° Grunge Effects (US$99): Grunge Effects consists of Grunge Overlays and Grunge Transitions. Grunge Overlays offers a variety of animated textures that add a dynamic and intriguing feel to a project. Grunge Transitions includes an array of never released animated and often complex, grungy textures designed to be used mainly, but not exclusively, as transitions.

° Film Leaders ($99): Film Leaders lets users create leaders that complement and enhance their projects. Editors have control over the look and feel of their leaders and can adjust font type, size, kerning, spacing, texture, animation and more. Film Leaders also offers over 50 presets to choose from.

° Sprockets Slip ($49): Sprockets Slip lets editors recreate the effect of a sudden slip of a rolling film, revealing the loose perforations. The plug-in comes with an assortment of presets to start with plus a number of controls and light leaks to play with, giving the project a rough, gritty look.

° Light Leaks ($59): Light Leaks is the first plug-in that allows editors to add this look to their video without using stock footage. Users can adjust the geometry and stylization of the effect or apply extra filters for customization.

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