Harman’s DigiTech (http://www.harman.com) has introduced the US$229.95 iStomp pedal, a new concept in guitar stompboxes that allows musicians to program the effect pedal with any sound they want and change it at any time. It connects to an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.

The iStomp pedal connects to an iOS device using the DigiTech Smart Cable that comes with the iStomp. Once connected, the DigiTech StompShop provides two of the most popular requested effects, the DigiTech Total Recall Delay and the DigiTech Redline Overdrive with the initial purchase.

The app also offers access to additional effects that iStomp owners can browse, try out, and purchase for their stompbox. The iStomp pedal has four knobs to control effects parameters, which change their function according to which effect is loaded.

The iStomp pedal comes with an iOS authorization cable, power supply and the two initial downloads. Additional downloads are available starting at $4.99 each.