Devium, a new car audio company, has introduced the Devium Dash.
Designed to fully integrate smartphones and utilize them as the interface for car audio needs, it sports a “minimalist yet elegant design that will complement the interior of any vehicle and satisfy any audiophile’s needs,” says creator and Devium owner Paul Lizer. He says it doesn’t require that you learn a new interface to use your stereo.

The Dash’s interchangeable faceplate design allows you to keep your phone at the center of your car. It will feature Bluetooth for hands-free calling and will allow users to designate their top five app icons to appear in landscape mode for easy viewing while on the go. 

The Dash will also feature an FM tuner that will automatically switch over to radio stations’ streaming audio over the Internet when a loss of signal occurs. Lizer expects the first shipments of the Dash will start in July and is currently utilizing the KickStarter web-based capital-raising service to round out funding.  An US$250 investment into the company will buy you the Devium Dash, which is a $50 discount off the retail price starting in July. Fore more info go to or .