24U Software has released 24U FM Bench (http://fmbench.com/) for FileMaker Pro 11, a solution for optimizing FileMaker solutions. It’s designed to help developers with the whole optimization process — from benchmarking through analyzing, identifying bottleneck, optimizing, and reporting results.

24U FM Bench can be also used to monitor, analyze, and optimize business processes, as long as these processes can begin and end with performing some action in a FileMaker driven IS. It’s developed around the idea of the “Marvelous Optimization Formula” and utilizes the methodology of finding bottlenecks, commonly used in the manufacturing industry to optimize the manufacturing processes for shortest possible lead times and highest possible throughput of production lines.

A license for one FileMaker Server and unlimited number of users is currently being offered to early adopters at a discounted price of US$997 with extra bonuses worth of over $2,000 and a 30 days money-back guarantee. 24U FM Bench will sell for $1,177 for one server and unlimited users starting form Thursday, Feb. 9, after the special introductory offer is closed.