SMK-Link Electronics Corp. ( previewed three new products at this week’s Macworld/iWorld Expo. One is the The Bluetooth Calculator Keypad.

“Most OS X computers purchased over the past several years were supplied with Apple’s redesigned Wireless Keyboard,” says John Blair, general Manager of Branded Products. “This elegant keyboard, which features a reduced-footprint design, provides however no numeric keypad. Whether you’re using an iMac, Mac Pro or MacBook, you’ll need an add-on peripheral keypad for extended data entry or spreadsheet use. Our new Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard integrates transparently with these Apple platforms-wirelessly connecting via Bluetooth to enhance user productivity with keypad entry and calculator capabilities.”

SMK-Link’s new PadDock 10 Stand and Stereo System cradles (and charges) your iPad so it’s ready to run apps in any screen orientation and ready to sync with iTunes. When you’re ready to go out, snap your iPad out of the PadDock cradle.

Finally, there’s the Air Mouse Elite.

“Mice have evolved beyond simple wired and wireless models to include true in-air gyroscopic capabilities,” says Blair. “SMK-Link’s Gyration Air Mouse Elite combines the best of wireless and gyroscopic mouse functions to offer unprecedented control capabilities for desktop, mobile and presentation applications. Since acquiring Gyration in 2011, SMK-Link has been dedicated to the development and global marketing on this popular line of input devices. The Air Mouse Elite is one of the first of many new products being introduced by SMK-Link to expand the Gyration brand going forward.”