Popsi Cube and Withings have teamed up for Popiscare, a computerized solution for the capturing and sharing of pulse and blood pressure data and medical questionnaire directly from the patient’s home.

It allows for the integration and transmission of remotely captured pulse and blood pressure data along with patients’ answers to a medical questionnaire. This new interface uses the blood pressure monitor solution proposed by Withings and connected to an iPhone it enables:

° Simultaneous tracking of blood pressure evolution for a group of patents;

° Sending of a questionnaire to each patient on their Apple smarthphone;

° Interaction via SMS with patient to remind them to take their blood pressure;

° Gathering of all this information on a portal dedicated to each health professional;

° Sending alerts in real time to health care professionals based on the data collected;

° Each patient to follow their own pulse and blood pressure.

Popsicare is intended for pharmaceutical laboratories, Biotech companies, and medical devices manufacturers wishing to follow precisely and regularly blood pressure measurements in the context of clinical or epidemiological studies. For more info go to http://www.popsicube.com/ .