Apple (30%) and BlackBerry (29%) were the most common types of mobile devices connecting to corporate networks, followed by Android (21%), according to a new study by Check Point (, a company that specializes in mobile data protection.

Nearly half of respondents (43%) also believe Android devices pose a larger security risk to the mobile enterprise. The report shows 71% of businesses believe mobile devices have caused an increase in security incidents, citing significant concerns about the loss and privacy of sensitive information stored on employee devices, including corporate email (79%), customer data (47%) and network login credentials (38%).

Approximately 94% of businesses surveyed have an increased number of personal mobile devices connecting to the corporate network, with 78% of respondents seeing the number of devices more than double in the last two years. The majority of businesses believe the lack of security awareness among employees as the greatest factor impacting mobile data – followed by mobile web browsing (61%), insecure Wi-Fi connectivity (59%), lost or stolen devices (58%) and malicious mobile application downloads (57%).