A new technology that could save your phone from getting water damaged could be included the next wave of smartphones about to be made by Apple and Samsung, reports “Pocket-lint” (http://macte.ch/09JIu).

The technology, dubbed WaterBlock and created by HzO (http://hzo.me) creates a nano-scale film barrier that purportedly has special water repelling properties once applied to the inside of electronic gadgets. WaterBlock was demoed last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. During the demo an iPhone was dunked in water and removed, still in working order.

According to HzO, the formation of vacuum deposition application methods began over 50 years ago and has developed into multiple forms for multiple functions. The chemistry used in vapor deposition systems has many iterations and multiple patents covering various applications. However, the company claims to have innovated new novel chemical formulations, new application processes, new high volume production application equipment and new surface prep and masking techniques “that have created a superior product to block water, moisture and small debris from electronic devices.”

WaterBlock technology is designed for accidental encounters with moisture. While HzO coated devices can be immersed in water and many devices we have coated have purportedly survived many continuous hours under water, the technology is designed to protect against failure due to jumping in a pool and forgetting your phone was in your pocket, or dropping your iPod in the sink while doing dishes, or getting caught in a torrid rain storm and getting soaked, or leaving your smartphone in your pants when they go through the wash. WaterBlock isn’t designed to be used in deep water nor is it designed to use under water all day every day.

While speaking at CES, HzO execs said Apple is among the companies that have shown interest in the water repelling technology. Company officials said Apple was interested in making a future iPhone waterproof, potentially with a sixth-generation model expected to be released later this year, says “AppleInsider” (http://www.appleinsider.com).