Ninety-one percent of business professionals user an iPad for work, according to a new survey by the IDG research group (

IT and business professionals use their iPads more intensively, across a wider range of scenarios, says IDG. Fully 51% of IT decision-makers say they “always” use their iPad at work (and a further 40% say they sometimes use it at work). Out-of-home usage is even more intense, with 79% of IT decision-makers saying that they “always” use their iPads “on the move.”

However, the iPad hasn’t prompted the majority of IT and business profes- sionals to abandon any other device. Only 12% say that their iPad has “completely” replaced their laptop. Just 6% say it has supplanted their computer.

“For most, the iPad isn’t a substitute for an existing tool or device. Instead, it’s a supplement, albeit one with functionality that overlaps with other devices,” reports IDG. “As a result, the iPad seems to have carved out a niche for itself at the partial expense of several rival form factors. Relatively large numbers of respondents say that their iPad has ‘partly replaced’ laptops, PCs, smartphones, MP3 players, TV/DVD recorders and even games consoles. Interestingly, 43% describe the iPad as a part-substitute for their smartphone.”