Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Mark On The Iron has announced Aetherium II — The Voyage for iOS. In the US$0.99 game, your goal is to reach the red squares without hitting the walls. Find your way to your home planet by successfully completing all the levels and trying to earn three stars on each one. Aetherium II features 200 levels and 600 stars to collect.

Nevosoft has released Talismans, a match-3 game for iOS where users must arrange swords, coins, lanterns, scrolls and other sacred relics into groups of three or more and collect these ancient charms. In this $1.99, three-in-a-row puzzle game, you’ll travel back in time to find 10 lucky charms which, according to the legend, bring wisdom, power, and wealth. In order to get them, you’ll need to solve ancient riddles.

gr3p.labs has unveiled dash.up 1.0, a Tumblr client for the iPhone and iPod touch. With the $09.99 app, users can navigate through all their tumblelogs while posting pictures and text all from their cellphones.

Panpipes Ho! has introduced mScribble for iOS. It’s a free improvisation app that has “built-in” knowledge of the rules of harmony, melody and rhythm in various music styles. The user can play a variety of expressive melodies while accompanied by the app by tapping and sliding over the entire touch screen.

Hot Mustard Studios has debuted Deep Space Lander HD 1.0, its physics based space lander game for the iPad. In the $1.99 arcade style space lander you maneuver your ship across the galaxy while collecting resources and returning them safely to your base. Collect all of the bonus crystals to unlock the landing zone.

James Shaw has presented SocialBox HD 1.0, a social networking utility for the iPad. The $0.99 app lets you update your friends with messages across Facebook, Twitter, Email and SMS.

Henry and the Psionic Overlords is now available as a free download. This is a turn-based, campy horror-fest in which you must help young Henry Lee fight ghouls, ghosts, Evil Clowns and many other entities, and, of course, zombies.