Multimode, multiband power amplifiers (MM-MB PAs) amplifiers took off in 2011 with adoption by Apple, Nokia, Samsung and LG in several popular smartphones, as seen in the Strategy Analytics RF & Wireless Components (RFWC) report (, “Multimode, Multiband PAs Change the Game for PA Suppliers.”

Strategy Analytics predicts that the market for MM-MB PAs will exceed US$150 million in 2012, growing rapidly through 2016, irrevocably transforming the PA market.

“Increasing band count in 3G and 4G mobile devices has led to adoption of MM-MB PAs to save space and reduce PA count, as in the Apple iPhone 4S,” says Christopher Taylor, author of the report. “Not all PA suppliers have the broad range of process, circuit, switch, filter and module capabilities needed for MM-MB PAs. So far, Renesas, whose PA business unit will soon transfer to Murata, Skyworks, RFMD and Avago Tech, have captured the highest share with their MM-MB PAs.”

Based on interviews with PA and chipset suppliers, teardowns and an analysis of mobile device trends, the research groupo describes the market for MM-MB PAs, technology, and design wins, providing a view of how MM-MB PAs will change the PA market over the next five years.

“Shipments of 3G/4G devices will grow to more than 1.2 billion devices in 2016; a high proportion of these will be smartphones,” says Neil Mawston, director of the Strategy Analytics Wireless Device Strategies (WDS) market research service. “It is clear that MM-MB PAs will benefit from this growth, and play a key role in enabling it.”