PAD Software has released Scrawl, an iCloud note taking app for the Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”). It’s available on the Mac App Store for US$1.99 for a limited time, and then will revert to a price of $2.99.

Scrawl is a menu bar app for quick access, and it uses Lion’s autosave. It has also been designed for iCloud so that it will save and sync notes across all of Macs with the same iCloud ID. Scrawl can purportedly handle an unlimited amount of notes, the search bar can search the note titles and the contents, and it’s customizable. Users can also opt to open Scrawl at login.

To create a new note, the user just has to click on the + button. Scrawl will then open the text editor. As users type, Scrawl auto-saves the note. To view a full note, users will just have to double-click the title of the note in Scrawl. They’ll be able to see the date it was last edited on by looking at the date in the bottom-left corner. If they make any changes, the date will automatically change.